Getting Started with Learning Experience Design: Your Comprehensive Guide to Short & Long Term Courses

As aspiring Learning Experience Designers, you might often find yourselves puzzled about where to begin this exciting journey. Learning Experience Designers wear many hats and require a diverse set of skills, ranging from learning sciences to data analytics, needs analysis to content development, storyboarding to facilitation. In this article, we’ll guide you through the first crucial steps on your path to becoming a successful Learning Experience Designer.

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1. Short-Courses for Quick Learning (1 week to 10 weeks)

If you’re looking to get started quickly and conveniently, these short courses are a great option:

1.1 Karl Kapp’s Learning How to Increase Learner Engagement (<1 week)

Karl Kapp’s course is a brief yet insightful introduction to boosting learner engagement, a vital aspect of LXD.

1.2 Marina Arshavskiy’s Instructional Design for E-Learning (<1 week)

Marina Arshavskiy’s course offers an in-depth understanding of instructional design for e-learning, an essential skill for LXD.

1.3 ATD’s Instructional Design Certificate (1-2 weeks)

The Association for Talent Development’s program provides a more extensive certificate in instructional design, suitable for those looking for a bit more depth.

1.4 Luke Hobson, EdD’s Collaborating and Building Relationships with SMEs (2 weeks)

Learn how to work effectively with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), a key skill for LXD, in this course by Luke Hobson, EdD.

1.5 KAOSPILOT’s Designing Learning Spaces Online (3 weeks)

KAOSPILOT offers a unique approach to learning space design, a crucial aspect of creating engaging learning experiences.

1.6 Barbara Oakley’s Learning How to Learn (3 weeks)

Barbara Oakley’s course delves into the science of learning, which is fundamental for any Learning Experience Designer.

1.7 Dr. Philippa Hardman’s The AI Powered Learning Science Bootcamp (4 weeks)

This program introduces you to the power of AI in learning science, a cutting-edge aspect of LXD.

1.8 Niels Floor’s Learning Experience Design Course (4 weeks)

Niels Floor’s course focuses on the principles and practices of Learning Experience Design.

1.9 Irrational Labs’s Behavioral Design Bootcamp (4 – 8 weeks)

Learn about behavioral design and how to create engaging experiences with this course.

1.10 Huddlecraft’s Huddlecraft 101: Designing for Collective Learning (5 weeks)

Explore the world of collective learning and how to design for it with Huddlecraft.

1.11 NovoEd’s Learning Experience Design – from Idea to Impact (5 weeks)

This course guides you through the entire process of taking an idea to making a real impact.

1.12 Digital Learning Institute’s Professional Certificate in Instructional Design (8 weeks)

This professional certificate will equip you with the knowledge and skills required to excel in the field of instructional design.

1.13 Mischief Makers B.V.’s Leading Groups Course (8 weeks)

Learn how to lead groups effectively, a valuable skill for facilitating learning experiences.

1.14 Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences’s Design for Behavioral Change (10 weeks)

Discover the art of designing for behavioral change in this 10-week course.

1.15 Handle with Brain’s Building Community from Within (12 weeks)

Explore the importance of building a learning community with this extensive course.

2. Long term Part-Time Courses for In-Depth Learning (6 months)

If you’re seeking a more in-depth understanding of LXD, consider these part-time courses:

2.1 Devlin Peck’s The Instructional Design Bootcamp (6 months)

Devlin Peck’s program provides a comprehensive overview of instructional design, a cornerstone of Learning Experience Design.

2.2 Digital Learning Institute’s Professional Diploma in Digital Learning Design (22 weeks)

This diploma program offers advanced knowledge in digital learning design, suitable for those who aim to specialize in the field.

3. Long term Full-Time Courses for Extensive Expertise (1 year & above)

For those who are truly committed to mastering LXD, full-time courses are the way to go:

3.1 Maastricht University’s Learning and Development in Organizations (Netherlands) (1 year)

This course in the Netherlands offers a deep dive into learning and development in organizational contexts.

3.2 University of Pennsylvania’s M.S.Ed in Learning Sciences and Technology (USA) (1 year)

The University of Pennsylvania’s program focuses on learning sciences and technology, providing you with advanced skills in LXD.

3.3 Harvard University’s Learning Design, Innovation, and Technology (USA) (1 year)

Harvard University’s program is a unique opportunity to learn from experts in the field of learning design, innovation, and technology.

3.4 UCL’s MA in Education and Technology (UK) (1 year)

UCL offers a Master’s program that focuses on education and technology, ideal for aspiring LXD professionals.

3.5 Carnegie Mellon University’s Masters of Educational Technology and Applied Learning Sciences (METALS) (USA) (2 years)

Carnegie Mellon’s program is a two-year journey into educational technology and applied learning sciences.

3.6 Learning Planet Institute’s AIRE Learning Sciences (France) (2 years)

For a European perspective on Learning Experience Design, consider this program in France.

3.7 Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay’s Interdisciplinary Programme in Educational Technology (India) (2 years)

This Indian program provides interdisciplinary knowledge in educational technology.

4. India Based Renowned Institutes Offering Similar Courses

KPMG – Instructional Design Course

In the current scenario, not only in academics, but most business firms also need a proper instructional design to drive their functionality. Eventually, big corporates are in need of Learning and development to incorporate proper training for their new joiners. Obviously, they need a perfect Instructional design with all details for the long run. Here in KPMG instructional design course is also known as the “Certified instructional design practitioners course.”

Teaching Mode of Instructional Design Course: In KPMG, the learning mode is also virtual live interaction only. The hours of instruction are 36 hours.

Eligibility: Any fresher looking for a career change and technical writer particularly focusing on a Learning and Development firm can mail to the concerned person listed on their website.


  • Hands-on practical training and assignment on completion of each module.
  • Real-world Learning and Development functionality training.
  • Paid internship for selected candidates upon the completion of the instructional design course (not for all eligible candidates).
  • Membership in KPMG learning academy at the time of performing internships.
  • Job-oriented industrial training with expertise in supervision.

Benefits: you will get a chance to design learning objectives, consequently you can create storyboards and author learning modules.

Symbiosis – Post Graduate Diploma

Thought of having a diploma in an Instructional design course in India? Symbiosis is your destination, without a doubt. You can enroll here, and it is accredited by the All India Council for Technical Education. Accordingly, you will be awarded a diploma in an instructional design course. This institute is primarily a center for distance learning. After completing a course at Symbiosis, you are a certified PGDID (post-graduate diploma in instructional design), where you can pursue a career as an instructional designer, instructional writer, etc.

Teaching Mode: Since it’s a course of distance learning, you will eventually receive materials and learning methods physically and virtually.


  • Complete theoretical and practical lessons on Instructional design involving content writing as predominant.
  • A full 1-year course curriculum focusing majorly on the end-to-end completion of the predesigned curriculum.
  • Attain a level of designing in both real environments and web-based content.
  • Practical skill development training for job-related perspective.

Eligibility for Instructional Design Course: If you are a graduate from any recognized university in India or an international undergraduate in any discipline can apply for a PGDID in SCDL. Looking for traditional-based learning and to have a detailed approach in instructional design courses in India, preferably SCDL’s course is good to go.

IGNOU – Instructional Design Course

Indira Gandhi National Open University is a well-known distance educational institution used for learning instructional design courses in India. This program mainly falls under the Post Graduate diploma in educational technology (PGDET). Their courses are very much suitable for a continuous learner who is specifically keen on learning the new age educational cum instructional technology.


  • Distance learning/self-study.
  • Both video and textbook-based learning materials.
  • Affordable fee structure for a proper Post Graduate diploma.
  • Government-recognized certification and faculty support.
  • Well-designed learning modules.

Basic graduation will act as an eligibility factor here in IGNOU, and doing Instructional design courses in India as distant will be a good option. As the instructional design is only provided as a foundation in their curriculum, the detailed practical approach is a missing factor. Placement assistance and advanced learning particularly in instructional design will be your call for choosing this course in IGNOU.

Benefits: Trainers, LnD Team and Business

This table outlines the advantages for freelance trainers, LnD teams, and organizations/businesses when they enroll in instructional or learning design courses.

BenefitsFreelance TrainersLnD TeamsOrganizations / Businesses
Skill Set
✔️ Gain new skills and expertise✔️ Skill development for team members✔️ Expertise to meet training needs
Improved Marketability✔️ Competitive edge✔️ Highly skilled workforce✔️ Stronger talent recruitment
Customized Learning✔️ Tailor courses for clients✔️ Tailored training programs✔️ Customized employee development
Cost-Effective Solutions✔️ Affordable professional growth✔️ Efficient and focused training✔️ Cost-effective employee training
Adapt to Industry Changes✔️ Stay updated with trends✔️ Meet evolving industry standards✔️ Agile response to industry shifts
Training Portfolio
✔️ Diversify service offerings✔️ Variety of training programs✔️ Versatile training options
Increased Earnings✔️ Charge premium rates✔️ Provide high-value services✔️ Enhanced organizational success


Navigating the diverse landscape of Learning Experience Design courses in India is an exciting journey for aspiring professionals. Whether you opt for short, part-time, or full-time courses, your path to becoming a successful Learning Experience Designer is shaped by your unique needs, goals, and time commitments.

To make informed choices and ensure that your Learning and Development (LnD) team selects the right course, consider factors like the skills required for LXD, accessibility of online options, personal career objectives, and the rapidly evolving landscape of Learning Experience Design in India & outside

Additionally, Our (Breakfree Consulting) experience and expertise can help you align your training and development objectives with the most suitable LXD course, ensuring that you embark on a successful and fulfilling journey in the dynamic educational sector of India. So, take the first step towards your LXD career with confidence, knowing that you have the right support to help you make the best choices for your future.


  1. What are the key skills required for Learning Experience Designers?
    • Learning Experience Designers need skills in learning sciences, data analytics, needs analysis, content development, and facilitation.
  2. Are these courses available online?
    • Yes, many of these courses are available online, making them accessible to a global audience.
  3. How can I choose the right course for me?
    • Consider your current knowledge, career goals, and time commitment when selecting the course that best suits your needs.
  4. Can I pursue a career in LXD without formal education in the field?
    • While formal education can be beneficial, it’s possible to enter the field of LXD with relevant skills and experience.
  5. What is the future of Learning Experience Design?
    • The field of Learning Experience Design is continually evolving with advancements in technology and education, making it an exciting and dynamic career choice.

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