ADDIE Rebooted: 

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10 AI & ML backed learning design ideas!

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Analysis (A of ADDIE)

Use AI chatbots and NLP for instant user feedback & insights.

Understanding the Modern Learner

Use AI / ML to adapt content based on learner progress & recommend personalized modules, similar to streaming platforms.

Design (D1 of ADDIE)

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Crafting Tailored Learning Experiences

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use AI for mobile optimization & ML to boost gamification effectiveness.

Develop (D2 of ADDIE)

Building Interactive Content

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Leveraging AI & ML for Data-Driven Decision Making in Learning

Implement (I of ADDIE)

Deploying Learning Resources

Open Hands

use AI for enhancing collaboration, inclusivity, continuous learning & feedback loops 

Evaluate (E of ADDIE)

Measuring Success & Iterating

Adapt learning design in the digital age with AI/ML. Enhance ADDIE framework for personalized, engaging, and accessible training / learning. 

Exceed learner expectations.